A Love Story

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My hijab story is nothing but a love story with my Creator 🙂 I get asked questions like: “why are you wearing it, if you have nice hair?” or “are you forced to wear it?” Or “how come you are wearing it while you have been living abroad all of your life?”

See all these questions are legitimate, because they don’t know the depth of why I wear it. I usually respond with, have you ever been in love with someone? You know, catching all the feels and the bees knees 🙂 Now if you know that something makes the person you love happy wouldn’t you do it? However the task may be, hard or easy, long or short, makes sense to you or not.

It is not about questioning here, it is about doing the action for the pure purpose of love.

Don’t you sometimes go out of your way to please that one person you love? ولله المثل الاعلى

When you taste the beauty of His love, you kind of just want to do more to please Him. You will taste that beauty when you KNOW him. Just like people, you can’t fall for them, if you do not know them. Even though I am no near perfect, but God has made the hijab as a form of rizq for me, He gave me the power and strength to express my beauty in a different way. I see that it humbles me personally. I prove to myself that I can control my urges of manifesting the dunia or worldly vanity.

Even though it could be hard at days, and knowing that hey, I can also look cute and go the whole nine yards, but I choose to make a decision everyday to prove to myself that God’s love even if it is only in this little aspect in my life is far more important than satisfying my ego and my wants.

While focusing that inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty. Always ask Allah, اللهم كما احسنت خَلقي فأحسن خُلقي because having good character is pretty important as well. And it is never all or nothing, any baby step that is making you get closer to Allah is a step closer to YOUR personal journey with the Creator of Beauty 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Love Story

  1. Hoda A.Samad says:

    Masha Allah! Thank you so much for writing this! It’s so heartfelt ♥️ Beautiful perspective, made my heart swell with His love ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Nahla Abdelrazzak says:

    So inspirational mashaallah! Wish we can all keep the idea that dunya is just this little, deceitful and temporary phase in our lives infront of us all the time. May God guide us all ❤

    • Reham Ibrahim says:

      Hey Nahlaa! Omg yess, I really hope we can maintain thinking like this, we can only just try to remind ourselves and be around stuff and people that will help us remember this temporary world. Ameen ya rab <3 <3

  3. raniakasemsocial says:

    Some of how to show that we really love you Allah ❤❤ I like your point of view.. Allahom Barek w yethabetk??

  4. Heba Badawy says:

    I really felt your words it really touched me as they are genuine and directly from your heart ❤️ May Allah be always be pleased with you and you always feel his love and mercy ?

    • Reham Ibrahim says:

      Hebaaaa :* I really hope they were heartfelt <3 it is probably because that is a reflection of what your heart sees 🙂 ya rab Ameen to every single human being in the world, yourself and everybody you love 🙂 :*

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