Follow Your Dreams

I am Maryam Shouman and this is my Hijab story.. I’ve been dancing since i was six years old. Ballet has always been a huge part of my life and a passion of mine. Hijab for me was a very big/hard step as I thought that it was an obstacle and it would stop me from doing the things that I love the most.

But, I was definitely wrong! I finally took the decision a year and a half ago and I wore hijab with pride and love. I was so inspired by Emma and they motivated me to take this step. I’m now a ballet instructor not only a ballerina😊 I realized that I don’t need to take my hijab off and sacrifice my beliefs just to fit the mold and be like everyone else. You don’t need to sacrifice your beliefs and your way of life to do something you love. You can combine both. It is difficult but it is possible.

So, this is for every girl who is still having second thoughts about wearing Hijab.. Hijab was never an obstacle, It is the best decision you’ll ever take and you’ll be proud of wearing it! And for every hijabi, hold on to your hijab, wear it with love and pride.


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