You Don’t Have To Let Go Of Who You Are

6 months ago, my hijab story began; it was a bit of a big deal for me. To understand why, you have to get to know me a little; so here we go.

My name is Sara, and all you need to know is that I’ve spent a whole lot of my 20 years on this earth, looking and dressing a little differently than the norm.


So, basically I’ve had very long hair, which represented me in my early teens; at 18 chopped it all off into a pixie cut; which basically shaped a lot of my confidence.

Adding to that, I had (and spoiler alert: still have) quiet a different sense of style, I loved to wear whatever I thought is cool, not what everyone told me was.

Now, can you imagine how scared I was from being veiled, even tho my style was pretty modest? I was basically afraid of losing a part of myself and falling into the hole of having to wear the same hijabi styles out there. End of June rolls around, 4 days before I travel to Spain; and BOOM! I woke up one day, and decided today is the day! Thought you might ask…

What does EMMA have to do with all of this? Well, 30 June 2018, my first day as a hijabi, I wore my mom’s EMMA (black to white ombré) and went out, because seeing EMMA,  made me realize; I don’t need to lose my sense of style (maybe I won’t wear my bow ties as often but it’s okay ), nor my personality.


So 3 days later, packed my bags, again stole my mom’s and sister’s EMMAs and went to Spain,to an adventurous camp; which was such a pride to let people know you’re an open minded, modest, fun and adventurous Muslim, without opening your mouth.

So here’s to 6 months of EMMAs, and to many more to come. 


5 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Let Go Of Who You Are

  1. Nahla says:

    Once you set your mind on something, you become unstoppable! Never care what people think as long as you’re being true to yourself and always putting God first! 💖

  2. Jana Hadhoud says:

    You do have that sense of different fashion and trust me, you surprise me with new looks, styles, and even makeup once i check ur story;) sending all the love 💕 may allah provide u a blessed hijabi life ~forever!

    • Sara says:

      HADHOOOOOD I love you so much ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for your support, you too inspire me everyday to be a better hijabi, to be more modest, to be the best football player ❤️

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