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Join our FB group to chat & bond with EMMAs like you!

If you own an Emma scarf, then you're in the circle❤️

What is EMMA’s Circle of Love?

An exclusive community on Facebook for our family members, a place where you can be yourself, find the support you need within a group of amazing, nurturing and successful women.

What happens there?

On our Facebook group, you’ll find EMMAs asking each other for styling advice, sharing tips and tricks, outfit of the day, funny incidents and giving wholehearted support for each other.

What it feels like to be a member?

Being in EMMA Circle of Love feels like you’re always in an outing with like-minded people who are fun, fashionable, successful and refreshing to be around. Some EMMAs joined as virtual strangers, and ended up being close friends in real life.

exclusive group

All members of the group get special vouchers in special occasions like EMMA’s Birthday.
Honorary Giveaway each month for 3 special EMMAs, the most engaging, communicating and supportive.
Your voice & opinion is heard and monitored by our teams, your suggestions and ideas are taken into consideration.
EMMA is not just a brand, it’s a community to belong to, a family we’d love you to be part of.

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