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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to wash and care for my EMMA Scarves?


 Kindly check the wash instructions listed for each scarf in its product page. 

If spot cleaning is needed, make sure to wash only the spot intended, and that the differently colored parts of the scarf don't touch at all while wet, to avoid color transfer.

If Hand Wash is recommended,

  • Always wash each scarf alone.
  • Make sure you use cool water and a mild soap like downy. Don't use bleach or strong detergent like Persil Gel.
  • Do not soak your scarf.
  • Wash under running water, not in a full sink.
  • Gently squeeze it (don't scrub the scarf, & never wring it!). 
  • Lay the scarf flat to dry, don't hang so it can keep it's shape.
  • Also laying it flat ensures that the different colored parts don't touch each other while wet to avoid color transfer (applicable for all Ombre & deep dyed scarves)

Ironing: Iron on low and preferably have another piece of cloth between the scarf and the iron.

Care: Don't use pins in any scarf you have, they ruin your scarves, snag at them and leave nasty pin marks. You can use our magnetic pins instead or just wrap them loosely.

That's the universal recommendation for caring for any delicate scarf you may have.

What is your Exchange Policy?

Click here for details of Our Policy.

Do you have a Rewards Program?

Yes, definitely! You can check out our Circle of Love Program HERE

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept Cash Upon Delivery and Credit Card Payments. Choose your preferred payment option at checkout.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
  • Within Egypt:
    • Cairo: LE65
    • Alexandria: LE70
    • Delta & Canal: LE85
  • International: Flat Rate depending on location, calculated at checkout.

Kindly note: International orders may be subject to customs duties, taxes and/or customs processing fees, which are determined by the destination country’s government. EMMA is not responsible for customs charges incurred on international deliveries.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery within Egypt usually takes 3-8 working days, depending on the work load. International orders take 1-3 weeks depending on location. 

What exactly happens after ordering?

You will receive a confirmation email with an invoice. Your order is then processed. Once it's completed on the system, that means it has been sent out and changes can not be made. Our courier then will contact you to arrange delivery. If you need any help with your order, please drop us a line at

What are your working office hours?

We are available 9-5pm during workdays to answer your emails and messages and any orders edits need to be requested same day order was placed and before 4:30pm.

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