Best Hijab Color For Every Skin Tone (Images & Full Guide)

Picking the best hijab color for my skin tone

Wearing a colored hijab is tricky, because unlike other clothing items, it’s right there framing your face -which is why we usually rely on our faithful neutrals. But even the wrong neutral could make you look tired, ashy, or washed out. We’re here to help you pick the best hijab color that would perfectly fit your skin color.

To determine what colors -or more specifically, shades of a color- suit you best, you need to first find out your skin undertone. We all fall into one of three categories: warm (yellowish), cool (bluish/pinkish), and neutral.

How to Find Out Your Undertone

There isn’t a definitive method, but here are some ways to help you find out if it’s not already obvious to you.

1- If you spend some time in the sun, do your cheeks get bronze and sun-kissed or do they turn pink? if your face gets an all-over glow with rosy cheeks you’re most likely to be a neutral..

Cool vs warm skin tones

2- What kind of jewelry suits your coloring better, silver or gold? If both suit you fine, you’re probably neutral..

3- Check the veins on your wrist. If they’re blue you’re cool, if they’re green you’re warm, and if they’re purple you’re neutral.

Veins on your wrist will help you know your skin tone

Choosing Hijab Shades for Your Skin Tone

Best Hijab Colors for Brown or Warm Skin

The best colors to flatter you are -obviously- warm colors. You’re one of the people who can pull off mustard yellow, gold, and almost every shade of orange. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear cool colors, just choose them in warmer shades, think teal and olive green. Your neutrals are taupe, chocolate, cream, latte, and warm beige. Stay away from icy shades, neons, and true cools. Royal blue and emerald green are the enemies, and silver or true grey will make you look super tired.

Best Hijab Colors for Light or Cool Skin

You’re the queen of blue and green (this rhymed!), but you can also experiment with colors from the warm family given that -you guessed it- they are cooler shades; think bubble pink and cherry red. Your neutrals are white, grey, navy, and any neutral that is greyed out. Stay away from orange and yellow, they will make you look ashy and washed out.

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Best Hijab Colors for Neutral Skin

It was probably hard to find out your skin tone, but things get easier from here on. Most colors are flattering to you if you choose a medium shade that’s neither too cool nor too warm. Peach, dusty pinks, placid blue, soft lavender, pastel yellow, jade green, etc. are all colors that look great on you. Your neutrals are off-white, grey, taupe, and blush pinks. Stay away from anything shockingly bright, instead use a softer shade like a pastel or a non-true color (think brick red instead of vibrant red).

29 thoughts on “Best Hijab Color For Every Skin Tone (Images & Full Guide)

  1. Sara Refai says:

    Great job Salma! As a makeup artist I want to say this works when looking for the right colors for makeup too to complement each face! Love how you wrote it all down so easily and in a way that can be useful , keep it up!

  2. سمر عبد الرؤوف خيري says:

    صباح الخير يا حلوين ? طيب انا مش عارفة لون عروقي ? بس عارفة ان النبيتي يبقي حلو عليا وبينور وشي يبقي انا كدة أنهي؟

  3. Menna Fawaz says:

    This makes so much sense! I’m dark skinned but so much of the colors mentioned in the cool category match my face, now I know why?

    • EMMA says:

      We’re happy we helped Marwa?
      Check the guide often before you purchase a new scarf to make sure it perfectly fits your pretty face✨

    • EMMA says:

      Hello Jude ?
      Almost all skin tones can pull off black and white colors, however, if you have warm or neutral tone and you want to wear a black scarf, try wearing a white bandana beneath and you’ll have the perfect look ?

    • EMMA Bronze Member says:

      مش دايماً الفاتح بيسمر يا سهير? في ألوان بتليق زي مثلا البيچ الفاتح ✨

  4. nourhanne talaat says:

    انا بتليق عليا ال persian queen و ال cooper waves جدا و الوان تانية what is my under tone ??

  5. رضوي سيد says:

    انا مش عارفه لون عروقي بس اللون الاسود بيبقا لايق مع وشي كدا اني؟!

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