Hijab Color Trends Summer 2022

When it comes to choosing your outfit, nailing the perfect shades together is the key to having a stunning look. And for Hijabis, choosing the right scarf is what makes or breaks the whole outfit.

And since we’re always one step ahead of every trend, we’ll be showcasing many colors with their different hues.

This season, the trending colors falls under two categories, the Sun Bleach Vibrants and The Blazing Vibrants. Read on to know what this means.

Hijab Fashion Style for 2022

The Sun Bleach Vibrants

These are the popping colors that lay on the more faded side of the spectrum. This category has more of pink, orange and green shades. We expect seeing fireworks when two or more of these shades merge together!

The Orange & Pink Combo

We might call this the diva combo! Since this summer is all about colors, we designed the perfect scarves that has the two colors, and yes, that’s our Retro Fusion and Aloha! They have both, the pink and orange shades perfectly intertwined together, and a hint of other shades to balance out both! Ohh.. and there’s also our old but gold Flaming Blush!

The Pastel Green Queen

That’s where our Sweet Sorbet comes in, a toned down version of the trendy colors, with green as it’s main shade. That’s for everyone who wants to stay on trend without wearing highly saturated colors.

The Blazing Vibrants

These are the hot colors! More popping and daring! For everyone who wants to get out of the box and embrace her wilder side! This category has the bright yellow, hot pink, trending green and royal blue colors.

The Bright Yellow                      

In this summer collection we’ve designed a scarf that’s all about bright yellow, and that’s Soleil. With a flashing border that pops out the details of the whole scarf and outfit.

The Hot Pink Goddess

We cannot miss out on that, right? With hot pink as a primary color of this season’s palette, we brought you our favorite Tropica scarf! It’s feminine and daringly wild to wear! And we can never forget our favorite Indian Spice!

The Royal Blue & Trending Green Blend       

These two amazing colors are trending this season, and we throught why not have them in one scarf, and they turned out stunning together in Palmera & Cleo’s Emerald! You’ll just love the details!

Plain not Patterned Hijab?

We always have in mind everyone who’s more into plain hijab, you cannot miss the trend and we cannot forget you! We’ve got a wide range of colors in our Elegances collection, and of course popping ones like Fiery Elegance, Red Elegance & Sunshine Elegance !

Styling Time

Now that we’ve got you the prominent shades merged with different color palettes, off you go with your amazing styling talents to look your best with EMMA! If you need some tips on how to style some of these gorgeous scarves and other ones that are not included here, you definitely need to check this video for our EMMA Ambassador Yara Yasser!

Don’t forget to send us your gorgeous looks so you can get featured on our platforms!

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