Hijab Outfits for Day and Night Weddings

Hijab Guest Outfits for Night & Day Weddings

Weddings are happy events that we all love attending and enjoying. Especially when it happens to be a wedding of a close friend and we just want to look extra glammed up! We’ve brought you a guide on how to look effortlessly chic at your upcoming weddings!

Best Hijab Guest Outfits for Night & Day Weddings

The Satin Dress

Satin dresses are never out of style, they’re time saviors and they fit almost every beautiful body shape! They have a beautifully feminine feel to them with this flair that makes it extra joyous!

When to Wear This

This choice of dress is perfect both, day and night. When you have a night wedding with lots of warm lighting, you’ll love how the lighting would reflect those satin flairs! And in the day it just wouldn’t look more beautiful in the golden hour! With your favorite EMMA, the cherry on top!

Blouse Tucked in Skirt

Sometimes you don’t wanna be extravagant and would likely keep your outfit minimally chic, so you can always go for a simple blouse and skirt, and of course your EMMA scarf.

When to Wear This

In those cozy simple weddings where the setting is so minimal and aesthetically pleasing.

A Jumpsuit or Pants: Last Minute Shoppers

Jumpsuits, especially black ones, are trendy and safe go-to, you can never go wrong in them. Same goes for pairing a blouse with wide pants, and you’re off to go and enjoy your wedding!

The Statement Piece

If you wanna shine your inner fashion icon into light, then you can definitely go for something a little creative, that statement piece can be an extra special belt, sparkly accessories, or the dress itself!

When to Wear This

In luxurious weddings, special venues, or just simply when you feel yourself wearing something special and out of the box.

EMMA’s Favorite Hijab Picks for Weddings

Almost every scarf we have can be twisted for a special event and it’s always breathtaking, and we will just pick our favorites to help guide you.

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