Practical Uni Outfits for Hijabis

Uni is back and we’re back again to wondering what to wear every day while still being our coolest selves. For now, just focus on your studies and getting straight As and we’ll do the styling for you. 

Hijab Outfit Ideas for College Students

Millie Wrap Tee x Pants

You definitely have been introduced to our Millie Wrap Tee, it’s that perfect practical basic that you can wear whenever and however. You can wear it on your favorite wide jeans or cargo pants and you’ll definitely rock it while still feeling comfy!

Millie Wrap Tee x Skirts

Maybe you want to go for a change and style it with your favorite skirt and have that feminine flowy look that would just look perfect whenever you go. 

Back To Uni Bundles Edition 

Uni and our Elegances go hand in hand, think of this as your savior kit. They are so comfy, so practical, and you can just actually rock them whatever the season is, whatever the day is, living in them wouldn’t feel easier. 

So, here’s your perfect combo as you’ve read, Millie + an Elegance of your choice + pants/skirt

The cool thing about this is that every piece can be styled in different ways, so you don’t have to think every day about building an outfit from scratch. 

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