6 Hijab Tips For Summer

Hijab Tips for Summer

Summer is getting hotter, especially with August coming, and we just want to look absolutely fabulous without melting in our own clothes!

Our Favorite Hijab Tips for Summer

So here are some tips for summer any hijabi is gonna need:

1. It Starts With the Scarf

And it all starts at the top! Your scarf fabric is really important to save you lots of hassles, so modal & chiffon are gonna be your BEST-FRIENDS every summer!

Each of our modals are specially weaved for EMMA and featured on premium modal fabric that’s very lightweight, airy, breathable, so moisture wicking and gives you the ultimate elegance.

We have a wide range of those, you can check our latest drops of the NEW printed modals too, the Layal Modal and Mystic Delights Modal!

2. Loose Clothing

Loose fits are everything! Gimme wide pants, loose sleeves, flowy skirts..

Loose fits don’t just serve modesty purposes – they also don’t cling to your body and lets air smoothly flow, it’s just a natural AC! Specially in Cairo’s extreme humidity. Yet they give you a great flow for fashion purposes too 😉

3. The Cotton Undershirts

Girl! Believe me, when I tell you, you need a dozen of those.

How many times you weren’t comfortable outside as there is that annoying sweat spot showing on your outfit and it ruins your cutie photos?

So cotton undershirts are gonna be your bestie. As they suck all the sweat and keep your body cool for the day. You don’t need to worry about the sweat showing on the external part of your outfit anymore. Let the cotton undershirt do the wonders you just need.

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4. Wear as Few Layers as Possible

Hijabis often layer their clothing to achieve amount of coverage they need and that’s OK. But you need to be smart while purchasing your pieces too. So always choose light fabric that’s not transparent, or see-through so you don’t need too much layering beneath.

Invest in wide dresses and skirts like our Asia Maria, Graceful Maria and Playful Maria, cause you need as much air as possible to help you carry that hot day..

5. Wear Natural Fabrics

We don’t need to choose comfort over elegance in hot weather anymore, while if we’re being smart, when can have best of both worlds and look absolutely stylish when choosing the fabric of our clothes.

Cotton, linen, satin, and viscous are very cool in summer. So when choosing your outfits from now on, it’s gonna be comfy yet stylish 😉

6. Remember Why You Do It

Hijab is a great act of worship, so despite the challenges we might meet, we always need to remind ourselves that we only do it for Allah) (SWT).

Allah has privileged us with this blessing & we shall cherish it for life & never take it for granted! So when it gets tough, remember, your reasons are worth every bit of it.

Share with us your favorite hijab tips for summer!

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