How to Start Wearing Hijab: 7 Crucial Beginner Tips

How to Start Wearing Hijab

Hijab is so much more than a veil, don’t you think?

If it was merely a piece of clothing you should wear when going out, it may have been easier to abide by it. However, the hijab is a symbol of commitment, faith, and submission to the Creator. It’s a constant reminder of how you should behave towards other people, how to maintain a good character, and how your modesty is a reflection of our religion.

You may think that the first step to wearing a hijab is upgrading your wardrobe and buying new veils, but more importantly, you have to be fully convinced about wearing it.

Don’t worry; we’ll cover everything that’s worrying you here in this article!

How to Convince Yourself to Wear Hijab

For a lot of people, wearing a hijab is as challenging as climbing a mountain. It’s not easy for everyone to give up on how beautiful their hair looks without a veil confining it. Not to mention, some hijabis are prone to discrimination in some parts of the world.

To overcome those thoughts, you have to remember three things:

1- Who You’re Doing It For

The first thing you should remember when convincing yourself to wear a hijab is who you’re doing it for. You’re giving up a part of your freedom for Allah SWT, for your Creator.

He’ll help you start wearing it, support you through it, and reward you for it in the Hereafter.

Even if you don’t like the idea of wearing a hijab, remember that you’re doing it to obey Allah SWT, and you’re setting an example for all Muslim girls by doing it.

You’re also setting an example for your kids if you’re a mother, and for your friends as well. 

Seeing you take the step might encourage someone to do the same, which Allah will reward you for.

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2- What You’re Doing It For

Why are you wearing a hijab? We’ve already established that it’s because Allah SWT commanded it, but you may be wondering why Hijab is mandatory in Islam in the first place.

Well, the core of Islam revolves around the mortality of the Worldly life, which means anything you perceive as beautiful is only temporary, while the Hereafter is permanent.

So, think of your hair’s beauty as something that won’t last. It’s only here for a little while, and then you’re rewarded with Jannah in the Hereafter(Inshallah!).

Don’t you think Jannah is worth giving up some freedom in our life?

Always remember that you’re wearing hijab to make it to Jannah, and you’ll find it easier to accept it.

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3- What Your Hijab Is Symbolizing

For decades, the hijab had been the victim of Islamophobia. It was perceived as a symbol of repression for women, which sometimes led to discrimination against the women wearing it.

Now, the hijab is rising again as a symbol of modesty, faith, and elegance. Historically, covering up is a symbol of dignity and classiness. That’s why you’ll notice that royal families have strict rules when it comes to women’s clothes, and you’ll rarely see a royal member wearing a revealing outfit.

Think of HH Sheikha Moza and her astonishing sense of fashion that always involves a head cover and modest clothes.

So, rather than thinking about what you’re giving up, think of the hijab as a representation of your modesty and refusal to reveal your body to anyone. 

How to Start Wearing Hijab

Now that you’re fully convinced about wearing the hijab, here’s how to start wearing it.

1- Know Your Role Models

Before wearing the hijab, think of your role models. Start reading about the Wives of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and how their powerful characters were the greatest support for the Prophet. Get yourself familiar with their qualities and the reasons they’re the role models of all Muslim women.

You’ll find yourself wanting to wear like them, act like them, and get closer to them through your hijab.

2- Seek Support 

If you’re afraid of your friends and family’s reactions to your new hijab, start seeking support from someone close to you who’s understanding enough. You can tell your mother, sister, relative, or close friend.

They’ll be your moral support during this phase, and they’ll help you stick by your beliefs, even if you get adverse reactions.

Remember not to lose your focus, even if some family members don’t support your decision. The Prophet didn’t have a lot of people supporting him when he first started laying the foundation of Islam, but he was resilient to the end.

3- Don’t Dive Deep

Diving deep into hijab by changing all your outfits and refusing to put on makeup may feel challenging at first. It’s better to take it step by step. Start wearing loose clothes around non-mahram men, and try to keep your makeup limited to kohl, mascara, etc. without any bold colors.

Then, start adding the hijab to your already-existing outfits, so you don’t give them all up too soon.

Over time, you’ll find yourself wanting to upgrade your wardrobe and get more modest clothes, like long blouses and skirts. Don’t take the step of wearing a full-length garment—Jilbab—until you’re comfortable with your hijab first. 

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4- Practice Wearing It

If you have a hijabi friend or relative, you can ask her to help you practice wearing it. Get ideas about wrapping the veil and styling it with your outfits. 

You can also watch online tutorials and practice how to wrap the veil multiple times in front of a mirror. Keep trying different styles until you find the best one for your face shape.

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5- Start Upgrading Your Wardrobe

You may find it weird that upgrading your wardrobe is the final step, but you have to get familiar with hijab before you attempt to buy new clothes.

You’ll want to know which styles you’re more comfortable with, and you won’t be able to do that until you wear the hijab with your existing outfits.

Start upgrading by buying looser blouses and wide-cut pants—if you’re only used to wearing pants. 

Then, after some time, you can start transitioning to skirts and dresses.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to start wearing hijab, we trust that you’ll start taking the right steps for it!

Remember not to dive in head first. Dip your toes in first by trying to wear the hijab on your outfits. Then, start practicing different styles of wrapping the veil until you find your favorite.

And always keep your eyes on the ultimate goal: getting rewarded in the Hereafter.

4 thoughts on “How to Start Wearing Hijab: 7 Crucial Beginner Tips

  1. Nida says:

    Assalamualaikum WRWB, Emma,
    Your blog was very helpful and I loved the beginner hijab tips. I want to start wearing hijab from today InshaAllah since it’s Ramadan. I have been thinking and praying about it for a while. Your blog has inspired me Allhumdolilah. Please keep me in your prayers. Jazak Allah Khair!

  2. EMMA Bronze Member says:

    Wa Aleikum Assalam Wa Rahmatu Allahu Wa Barakatu Nida, we are so glad it helped. May your heart be always guided, with ease and comfort, to what pleases Allah and that it brings you peace and joy.

  3. Safiyyah says:

    I’ve gotten to the stage where I have to wear hijab all the time. I thought that this was taking my freedom away as I love my hair . But I thought I about the rewards and thought does this part of freedom matter when I can get Jannah ? Thanks so much.

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