How to Style a Basic T-Shirt for Hijab

What is a perfect piece in your wardrobe? It’s always that item that matches other countless pieces. You can wear it every day, all day, at night and in the morning. It’s just the joker that you can effortlessly always wear.

That is exactly what we’ve brought you in our latest launch, Millie Wrap Tee.

Read along, as we guide you through how you can style it in countless ways.

Styling a White Shirt With Hijab

But First, Why Millie?

It is featured on a premium cotton fabric that makes it breathable, light and moisture wicking. What’s even more perfect is it is non transparent; you don not have to layer anything beneath it, specially if you wear nude undergarments.

Millie Wrap Tee by EMMA. White shirt with hijab.

Millie Wrap Tee

Rock it with a Skirt

A perfect match with a skirt is a t-shirt at waist length, especially when it has a twist, so you can wrap it to back or to front for a trendy look.

Floral Skirt with Hijab

With Your Daily Jeans/Joggers

Out for a walk, in a hurry for work? Busy at uni and have no time to think what to wear? Millie will be your savior. Just grab those jeans, wrap your shirt and your favorite EMMA, and you’re ready to go!

On that Sleeveless Dress

We all have that sleeveless dress that we struggle to style specially in summer. Now you can easily style it by wearing Millie on it, and actually turning the dress look into a skirt like one.

Share with us if you have any other styling ideas for Millie!

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