How to Wear a Hijab Properly: The Correct Way

How to Wear a Hijab Properly

If you’re a new hijabi, it’s totally normal to have questions about hijab and its rules. You’ll find yourself questioning every outfit you think of wearing, and you start getting nervous about trivial details, like the skin showing on your wrist.

Well, no need to worry much about it. Here, we’ll let you know how to wear a hijab properly, including the Islamic rulings and how to wrap it.

What Are the Rules of Wearing a Hijab?

According to Islamic rules, the hijab should be thick and opaque enough to cover your entire head and neck. It shouldn’t be too decorative or too bright that it catches the eye, and it shouldn’t be perfumed.

On top of that, it shouldn’t resemble what men wear, and it shouldn’t be too tight.

Aside from the hijab itself, there are some clothing rules to abide by in Islam. In the end, the hijab is merely a symbol, and what’s more important is to maintain modest attire without showing skin or letting your body’s details show. 

For example, a hijab should cover your entire front. Or, if it’s short, you need to make sure your clothes are loose enough not to show your chest. 

Other than that, your clothes should cover all your body parts except your hands and face. And, you should cover your adornments in front of non-mahram men.

Even non-hijabis should follow the same clothing rules in Islam as hijabis when it comes to wearing loose clothes and not showing adornments.

How to Wear a Hijab Properly

Now that you know what rules you need to follow, let’s see how you can wear hijab properly.

Wrapping a hijab isn’t hard, but you may take a long time to find the style that best suits your facial structure. 

We’ll make it easier for you and list the most popular hijab styles here in this list, along with how to wrap them.

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Classic Wrap

The classic wrap is the master of all trades when it comes to hijab styles. It fits almost everyone, and it works on most outfit choices because it’s a no-fuss style. You can wear it to work and you can wear it to a wedding, depending on how you style it with your outfit.

It also works well with glasses, which is a bonus if you’ve been gifted with bad eyesight.

To wrap a classic hijab, you’ll need a rectangular scarf. Here’s how to wrap it:

  1. Spread the scarf out and lay it over your head, so one side is longer than the other. The longer side will wrap around your head, so you need to make sure it’ll fit.
  2. Pin both sides of the hijab under your chin using regular pins or magnetic ones that don’t poke a hole through your hijab.
  3. Grap the longer side and wrap it around your head, draping it over the shoulder that it initially stopped at.
  4. Spread both sides out, so they cover your chest and shoulder.

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Trendy Layered Look

If you prefer to go over the top with your hijab style, you can opt for a trendy layered look. It’s more detailed than a classic wrap, so it better suits simple outfits that could use a voluminous touch.

The layered look may not fit small faces, but it’ll look good on all other face shapes. You can also wrap it using any hijab material. However, bear in mind that you need a tall scarf for this look because you’ll wrap it around your head twice.

Here’s how to wrap a layered look:

  1. Like the classic wrap, lay the veil on your head, so one side is longer than the other.
  2. Pin both sides under your chin, making sure not to make them too tight around your face
  3. Grap the longer side and wrap it around your head, making it a bit looser than a classic hijab to create volume
  4. Pull it all around your head once more and pin it either to the top of your head or under your chin, depending on the scarf’s length
  5. Grab the other side and wrap it around your neck, tucking it under the longer one. Or, you can tuck it under your clothes if you’d like.

Effortless Loose Look

The effortless loose look is a modern approach to hijab, and it’s pretty fashionable. It goes well with both summer and winter outfits, and it’s best done with a solid-colored hijab.

You can use any material to achieve a loose look, but it looks exceptionally well with cotton and chiffon.

Wrapping a loose hijab is pretty easy, so here’s how to do it:

  1. Lay the scarf around your head, keeping both sides at equal lengths on your chest
  2. Pin both sides under your chin using regular pins or magnetic pins
  3. Grab any side and toss it over your shoulder. In most cases, it’s better to toss the right side on your left shoulder, so you can adjust it using your right hand when you need to. Or, do the opposite if you’re a leftie
  4. Pull this side tightly around your back, and you can secure it to your clothes using a pin
  5. Either leave the other side as it is or drape it over the other shoulder to create a symmetrical look

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A turban is the ultimate simple hijab look. However, you can’t wear it unless you’re wearing loose clothes that offer full coverage for your neck and chest. It’s also more suitable for the summer than winter because it won’t keep you too warm.

Wrapping a turban is a bit more challenging than wrapping a loose hijab, so here’s how to do it:

  1. Grab your rectangular scarf and fold it lengthwise (Its length should stay the same, while its width should be cut in half).
  2. Put the folded scarf over your head, so its sides are facing backward. Wrap both ends around your head and get them at the front again.
  3. Wrap one side to the back again, and then wrap the other on top of it
  4. Now, tuck both ends into your hair bun or into the turban itself. You can also secure them using pins.


See? Wearing a hijab isn’t that hard! You only have to learn the right way to wrap it and the proper way to style your outfit to follow all of Islam’s clothing rules.

Here, we covered how to wear a hijab properly. If you want to learn more about your new dedication, check out our article about who can see a woman without her hijab. (insert link)

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