Inspiring Women Series – Khadija Hegazy

Inspiring Women Series are to showcase some of the successful modest women out there, who succeed not inspite of their hijab but because of it.

تهدف مجموعة النساء الملهمة إلى تسليط الضوء علي بعض النساء المحجبات الناجحات ، اللاتي لا ينجحن رغم حجابهن ولكن بسببه

Khadija Hegazy, 26 years, Triathlete champion, and Adidas Runner.

When did you discover your passion for triathlon?

I’ve heard about this from one of my friends who was a triathlete, he told me it’s a consequent race of swimming, cycling and running. It sounded interesting for me and I decided to attend a race with a group of friends and I instantly got so inspired and amazed with it, and I promised myself I’d participate in the same race the year after. 

So, my first triathlon was in 2019, at first I was afraid, but after crossing the finish line I felt that this is what I want to keep doing. And that’s been my life ever since. Every day I practice either swimming, cycling or running. 

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”

You think an athlete is born or made?

Definitely athletes are made and not born, Athletes and pros were not born like this, world champions worked really hard for years to reach their legacy. 

And yes, some people already have the talent, but I usually believe in one of my favorite quotes that says “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” 

Being successful requires hard work, but maintaining this success is even harder, how do you do that?

We don’t always have motivation, it’s something that comes and goes, so we can’t rely on that. It’s not what makes us succeed cause we won’t wake up every day feeling motivated. What we should hold on to is the drive, to look for a goal that what will make us wake up every single day and try more and do better than the day before. 

What was your biggest challenge since you started?

Every day comes with different challenges, but I always feel that the biggest one that is so important to overcome is the mental barrier. If you beat this, you can overcome any other challenge you face. 

That’s because mentality is the most important thing in sports and life in general, and it’s not something to be done with once, but rather it’s a process that you go through day in and day out. We need to face the voices in our heads and the limiting beliefs that tell us we can’t or that it’s so hard for us, once we do that, we’re so powerful facing anything else.

What do you do to calm the fear and anticipation during tournaments?

I can’t say that it’s always easy to calm the fear, but I try to constantly remind myself why I’m doing this, and that is what keeps me going.

What makes you feel valuable and important in life?

I believe that what makes any person valuable or important is not their position or job, but the human side of them. How that person helps and inspire the people around him, this actually is something you have to do with your actions not your words.

I’ve learned this from my father and this is something I always try to apply in my life.

Don’t let anything stop you or change the person that you really are.

Give a heart-to-heart advice to the girls reading this.

If I had to give one advice it would be: just don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of trying something new and different or to speak up your mind. Take the risk. Don’t let anything stop you or change the person that you really are. Always be yourself. 

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