Inventing My Own World

What would happen if you live a life engaging in everything around you without having your own world? A place that you would go for when things get too much, when you feel like you just wanna run away to a sweet escape. You might think to yourself, “If only I can travel” “if only I can take a break from work”  .. and other endless “if” limitations. When it’s actually much simpler.

All you need to do is to figure a world of your own, build it from small things that would charge your day-to-day life, without having to wait for the big getaway or the next weekend to get just a breath of fresh air.

We will suggest some things that you can do to build that world of yours.


Podcasts are time-friendly resources that you can use when you’re going to or returning from work, and the genres are endless. They would pass the dreading time of traffic jam and you’d still be doing something beneficial and fun that will disconnect you from all the noise outside.


Have you ever lost track of time watching how beautiful the skies are? Or seeing that lovely dog playing around, or that bird that just stood by your window. Have you tried pondering upon everything around you? Noticing the little miracles that we oversee each and every day. Reflecting on the outer world has an incredible effect of brining your inner world together, making you feel a kind of harmony that feels so peaceful.


Moving your body in whatever form you like, whether by going to the gym, doing yoga, having regular walks or even a routine of morning stretches has a significant effect on your mood and productivity, especially when you make it a habit in most of your days. And somehow, moving your body is tied to moving your thoughts, creativity and the outlook you have on everything around you.

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Quality time with the people you love

This one is almost everyone’s favorite, the time spent around the ones you love have a huge effect on making you feel better, the laughter, deep conversations, coffee brunches are all good and easy boosters that keeps you going.


Expose yourself to nature as much as you can, it gives a time to get a fresh breath and just forget about anything materialistic.

These are our suggestions but you can definitely have your own list of things. What we wanted to say is that it’s so important to have a set of comforting habits that would ground you, and to understand that those things are attainable every day, you don’t have to wait for a vacation to get some time off.

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