Journaling Towards Wellness

Imagine that you do not have to keep carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Imagine you can actually make it lighter, softer and more bearable to carry around. Imagine you can heal, live peacefully and wholeheartedly. Imagine that you can work towards reaching this state from the comfort of your home, just using your pen and paper. 

What matters most in life is not just what we go through, but how we react towards it, and what we’ll do with it. What really matters are the choices we make. And self-expression is crucial to make better choices and eventually live a better life. 

Journaling is a great way to express yourself, to make sense of the world inside you and the one around you. Here are some reasons why you need to start journaling: 

Safe Outlet for Your Emotions 

Venting out your emotions is crucial for your well-being, because letting them pile up inside you will only make things worse, facing yourself on paper is so liberating, it’s like letting a caged bird go. 

Documenting Your Life

When journaling becomes a habit, over the course of some weeks, months then years, you’ll have volumes and volumes of journals full of so many pages about your happy moments, sad ones, successes and failures, the loves and heartbreaks, your favorite travel places and every nuance that made you who you are today. Going back to these pages will feel so beautiful, you’ll be able to see how you’re growing and changing over time. As if someone is telling you a story, except that this time it’s yours. 


Writing heals. It’s a free antidote, a beautiful cure for everyone. When we write we face ourselves, which is not always easy, but that’s the point of it right? Getting past what’s easy and working with what seems to be hard. Journaling is your attempt of telling yourself “I’ll get up and try” every single time you hold your pen, because many times this requires bravery and, and not everyone has this. At some point, you’ll feel that your journal is more like your therapist, it will let you vent, repeat the stories over and over again, cry, laugh, and it will always listen without judgment, without shaming or pointing figures. Your journal will help you get through it, it will offer lessons, deep and wise ones. And it’s just always there, a friend in need. 

Stress Management 

Journaling works as a shield towards stress, it protects you from possible burnout, because you’re always in the process of expressing yourself, you’re not letting anything eat you inside and you’re keeping a close look on what’s happening within you, you’re not oblivious.

Journaling is Fun!

It’s not just about venting and dealing with tough emotions, journaling is also writing about all the exciting fun things that are happening in your life. You can always color, draw, and make collages in your journal. It can be your little artsy space, and you don’t have to be an artist.

Take a step towards yourself and start journaling, don’t overthink it, no one will read your words except you. Embrace yourself in your words, and get ready for change.

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