The Wandering Poet Collection

Inspired by the art of expression; the rhyming words that capture your heart. Sentences that convey heartfelt meanings. Ones that reveal part of your soul & others that voice out the unspoken inside you. We brought you this collection as a reminder to the importance of self-expression, of unapologetically being yourself. Know that, you do not have to be a poet to wear you heart on your sleeves, maybe you just gotta be a brave & daring EMMA.

وكالقمر تضئ عتمة الليل.. تنير الدرب لكل من يبتغي الهداية..

When the moonlight meets with the stars in an endless magical sky, a scenery of vivid inspiration to the beholder, the thinker & the lover.

A design full of intricate details, merging geometrical designs with the beautiful islamic art, brought to you on our signature chiffon fabric.

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