Shahrazad in Modal


The Modal Drop: Feminine You

Her softness is her power. To be a woman is to be fragile, like a rose that you hold on to delicately & dearly. Itโ€™s to embrace yourself with love & grace, and to face life with bravery & confidence. In this collection weโ€™re featuring two awe-inspiring pieces that reflect what it feels like to be a feminine lady.


You are the main character in your tale, the creator, the writer and the storyteller. People would come & go to hear what you have to say, and without you, there would be no plot. There would be no story.

The fabric is an exclusive weave especially made for EMMA, never did natural fibers feel and look so good!

Kindly note that this is a hand made print, small dye spots and slubs are not defects, they are the nature of handmade work. As with allย natural fabrics that are loosely weaved to reach lightness andย breathability, it’s normal that the threads move around a bit.

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