Turath in Modal


The Modal Drop / Your Heirloom

We all have beloved things that are being passed down from a generation to another, they remind us of our origins, our inherited love, and symbolize authenticity. Let this collection be your heirloom, and spread your warmth through it.


This design is an outward expression on our love for our origins, our heritage and the things that make us who we are. It’s full of details, featured on complementing black & red, and brought to you on our signature modal fabric.

Kindly note that this is a hand-made print, small dye spots and slubs are not defects, they are the nature of handmade work. As with all natural fabrics that are loosely weaved to reach lightness and breathability, it’s normal that the threads move around a bit.
PS: It’s soft and naturally fuzzy, and the tiny fuzz might with friction create tiny pills, but don’t worry, just pick them off and it’s good as new

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