The Doors to Your Heart

Heart Series hopes to take you on a journey deep into your heart. We’ll ponder together the nature of our heart, what affects it and how to keep it sincere. This is thought #3. Read #2  Actions of the Heart

You are a reflection of your heart. Every vessel, every container, will only pour out what is contained in it, so be careful of what you let in to your heart.

A sound heart is one that beats only for Allah, is filled with Allah’s love, one that is sincere and seeks only goodness. So only let what’s good comes in. Prophet ﷺ said: “إن الله طيب لا يقبل إلا طيبا” , so how can you keep something filthy next to Allah in your heart? Be careful what you let in to your heart. Guard your senses. Only let what’s good enter.

Many times did the Prophet ﷺ speak about the heart and the importance of keeping it in check.

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Scholars have seen the effect of a neglected heart, that gathers rust because of heedlessness, of prolonged exposure to what’s unpleasing to Allah, and lack of nourishment that results from neglecting what’s pleasing to Him.

So what can you practically do?! Your senses are the doors to your heart, be vigilant on what enters, for the heart and mind adapt eventually to what they are exposed to, even if not on a regular basis. Everything seeps in. No one is immune, don’t kid yourself.

Clean up your instagram feed, be mindful of the movies you choose to watch, pick carefully the books you read and music you  listen to, select your suhba and places you gather in. Stand guard, and don’t lower your standards. Stand guard and protect yourself, protect your heart. Check on your heart often, see if it needs mending, if it needs tawba, if it needs sincerity, if it needs dhikr, if it needs good suhba. Take care of your heart. Forget instagram filters, put on that heart filter. ❤️

8 thoughts on “The Doors to Your Heart

  1. Yomna says:

    Such relieving words that quench one’s thirst. Thirsty, would love to have more.
    إلا من أتى الله بقلب سليم. اللهم أنعم علينا و لا تحرمنا و سلم قلوبنا.

  2. Merna Elsaka says:

    الحمدالله ١١ سنه بالحجاب دايماً فخوره وحابه نفسى بحجابى ويارب الثبات ويجعله فى ميزان حسناتنا

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