Finding Balance Between Work & Mental Health

We live in a time where we’re celebrated for being workaholics, for spending extra night hours and skipping weekends to attend important meetings, for taking time off of our vacations to check how work is doing. We live in a time where we’re being celebrated for not taking uninterrupted time for ourselves. 

However, this is being framed under successful and desirable names, like “employee of the year” making it hard to balance our mental health with our demanding work life. 

But the question is, does it have to be a tradeoff between taking care of our wellbeing and being the best employee? We assume not. 

Here are your 5 tips for how to balance your mental health & work life

Work Smart Not Hard

Being a good employee has nothing to do with spending 12 hours a day on your laptop doing nothing but work. It’s more about being efficient with what you do, and prioritizing your to do list according to each task’s urgency and importance, so you don’t get swept up between them.

Manage Your Time

Manage your time according to Eisenhour’s Matrix, and you’ll be amazed with how much time will be left on your hands, while still being productive and finishing your to do!

Spark Your Passion

Let’s admit it, we’re not always passionate about work, we have our ups and downs. That’s why we cannot rely on work as our primary way of fulfilling that deep need for inspiration and passion. Do things that ignite that spark inside you, try different activities with your friends, go out on nature walks, just anything that would make you inhale that breath a little bit deeper inside. 

Mental Health Check In

Your mental health and wellbeing come in the forefront of all your to-do-list. That’s always your number one priority. Everything you do, all the time you manage, and the days you take off, are crucial to help you stay sane and balanced. Always process whatever you’re going through and don’t put things under the rug. And seek professional help when you need it.

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Monitor Your Inner Self Talk 

You might think this is off topic, but it’s actually at the core of everything in our lives. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life, eventually your work, and your personal life as well. It sets the tone to what you see you deserve! Monitor what do you whisper to yourself? Do you see yourself not good enough? So you need to always do that extra amount of work to prove that you are? Maybe? That’s just an example but the scenarios are endless! 

Just be more compassionate towards yourself and see how this would beautifully reflect in every area of your life. 

Share with us in the comments if you related to any part of this blog, and if you have more tips, we’d be more than happy to know them!

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