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Hijab Care Guide: How to Wash Your Chiffon Hijab

Having a good hijab day is every hijabi’s goal when she’s getting ready to wear her favorite scarf. And there are many things that contribute to having a good hijab day, starting with how to wash it and how to keep it in place. 

All of us relate to the struggle of wondering how to wash our hijab, to make sure it’s clean and good as new, while still not damaging the fabric in any way.

So, we’ve got you a simple, easy-to-follow guide, for washing your chiffon hijab or any other fabric. 

How to Wash Your Chiffon Hijab

You might see some suggestions to put hijab in a bucket or full sink, but we advise you not to, instead, wash your scarf under running water, using delicate hand washing. It’s preferable to use subtle cleaners like Downy and not Persil Gel, because this helps preserve the dye and fabric to stay the same for years to come. And take care, do not leave the scarf under water for too long, this might damage the fabric on the long run.

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How to Keep Your Hijab in Place?

The first thing that pops to your mind are pins, right? Well, that’s definitely not the answer. While pins are the easy way to tame your scarf from going east to west, it badly damages the fabric, it might tear it, and that would break your heart just a little bit…

What’s it then? Well, don’t underestimate the power of a good quality bandana, (preferably cotton) try to experiment with different bandanas till you find the perfect one for you. Why is that important? Because a good bandana will not make your hijab easily slip, it will help you have a better grip on it especially if it’s a chiffon or satin fabric.

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If you find yourself really wanting to use pins, then you can go for magnetic ones, they’re practical and less harmful on the fabric. 

Lastly, remember that you look beautiful in every shape and form, and always stay modest and proud. 

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