2023 Summer Trending Colors

Summer is here, and this means a whole new set of colors are trending this season. Bold and bright colors that challenges you out of your comfort zone and takes you on a popping spectrum of colors to choose from that will make you stay on-trend and in style. 

All the colors this season are highly saturated, contrasted and full on exposure! Let’s show you 3 of the most trending ones!

It’s extra vibrant when you wear it in the morning, complementing these summer sun rays and sea waves! 

1-Empire Yellow

Empire yellow is another vibrant color that is perfect this summer. This shade is bright and cheerful, and it looks great both in the day and night. Whether you’re wearing it for a casual outing or a special one, this color looks stunning in all fabrics, cotton, linen, or satin. It always gives a royal vibe.

2-Lime Green 

A zesty shade that will grab attention! It’s perfect for special occasions and casual fits. It just feels refreshing!

3-Ocean Blue 

This is summer’s essential! The color of the sky, sea, and nature’s beauty. Blue is a versatile color that matches all occasions and almost all colors, and it’s everyone’s favorite!

4-Pink Color

It’s not just pink but hot pink! It’s a color that has been on and off trend several times but it’s always cool to have it back! It’s full of life, vibrance and femininity!

These are just some of the colors that are trending this summer. But we always encourage you to be yourself, even if that means you won’t be on trend. 

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