4 Best Hijab Maxi Skirts Styling Ideas

As a hijabi, maxi skirts were no trend for us, we’ve always rocked them and always will. But now, with all the emerging trends in 2022, maxi skirts are back to the fashion scene. With different shades of popping colors that match the playfulness and freshness of summer.

You may wonder what are the different ways you can style a skirt with, and now that we’ve launched our Summer Collection 1.0 with The Maria Skirt, we’ve curated different styles to help you come up with the most stylish and modest outfits.

Our Favorite Hijab Maxi Skirt Outfits

All Wide

This is not just modest, but extremely stylish and in trend too. Wide in wide is always special when done right. Choose your favorite skirt, tuck in your undershirt and wear your versatile cardigan. Easy right? And unique too! Just the perfect floral long skirt!

The Denim Diva

A light denim jacket is always a dear friend to all of us, but it makes a perfect duo with our Maria. You can pair it with the standard blue denim or get more creative and go for a more colorful one!

Tuck it in

You cannot go wrong with a tucked in skirt. So when in doubt, tuck your shirt or blouse inside, and leave the back in or out, whatever suits your style. This will give you a perfect look specially when the skirt is flowy like our Asia Maria. It’s exactly the modern skirt you’re searching for!

Belt it Up

A skirt’s best accessory and friend is the belt, whether you wrap it around your chemise or on the edge of your waist with your blouse tucked it. It will always rock both.

Now that you’ve got all the tools for a perfect summer look, we cannot wait to see how you’ll style yours!

If you have different styles than the ones written here, make sure you share them in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “4 Best Hijab Maxi Skirts Styling Ideas

  1. Carmen Abdel Ghafour says:

    You’re not just a brand selling clothes you’re an inspiration helping us to make our hijab beautiful and stylish ? thank you EMMA!

  2. engy.amr says:

    Love the looks and I guess there are more ideas to style the skirts esp with Asia Maria that can go with a lot of colours other than white and yellow ..

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