5 Summer Vacation Hijab Outfits for 2024

We’re finally bouncing back to summer and if you’re like us, you’ll be waiting for that moment to finally head to your favorite beach destination. Some of us are natural travel packers, but most of the time we get lost in how to style our travel outfits to have those perfect picturesque summer photos, where we seamlessly fit into the background of the place we’re in. To guide you, we’ll tell you some tips and tricks for effortlessly stylish looks.

The perfect travel outfits are always those that are fashionable yet functional, easy to walk around with, breathy, and light. So here are some outfit ideas that you’ll definitely love:

Our Favorite Summer Vacation Hijab Outfits

– Basic Beach Dress

If you don’t want to spend so much time thinking about what you can pack, you can stick to a basic summer dress that you can style in different ways and still rock! Paired with our signature White Marble that our beautiful EMMA is wearing, or you can match this color with a chiffon one like the beautiful Remal.

Check how our EMMA styled her travel outfit and get some inspiration!

– Casual Seaside

We all have those pieces that we can’t take off in summer, whether a chemise, a cotton shirt, or a loose comfy blouse, and usually they’re our best buddies when it comes to traveling. Perfect for long walks and extra sunny days, they’re your best friend wherever you go. You can pair them with one of Elegances like Mink Elegance with its perfectly versatile shade, or Cranberry Elegance. And if you’re a chiffon person, then you cannot miss out on our best-selling True Blessing.

– Airplane Mood

You know all those times you turn on your airplane mood once you get on the plane, and don’t you just wish choosing what outfit you’ll be traveling in was as easy as that button switch!

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Well, it’s actually as easy! We all know planes can be super cold sometimes, or maybe hot? Too unpredictable. So we need to be ready for that! Choose an outfit that is just so light and comfy on your skin, that you wouldn’t mind staying in it for maybe a long while (if you’ve got a long trip ahead of you)

Hoda in Black Elegance

– Flowy & Glowy

We all get that Cinderella feel whenever that soft sea breeze flows our skirts. And what could be better for summer than our Maria Skirt, whether you choose Graceful Maria with its authentic and feminine feel, or Asia Maria for a fresh summer look that will make every picture you take more memorable.

You can style it differently, either with a wide kimono, a tucked in blouse or with your favorite denim.

– Sporty & Special

A morning walk, a ride with your bicycle, a hike up to the mountains… what can save you but that sporty outfit? Pack an outfit for that day where you’ll get out the Olympic within you (specially if you’re not that person who chills with a book by the sea). You’ll thank yourself whenever you have an outdoor activity for a day long.

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Lastly, the most important thing to wear along with all these pieces, is your confidence, that’s what will truly make you shine.

And just remember, your hijab is your pride wherever you go, so wear it modestly and proudly.

We always love to take in more ideas from our EMMAs, don’t hesitate to comment if you have other styling tips for summer outfits.

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